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Kathy's Method

Kathy’s Method


Kathy’s method helps singers to develop a healthy voice that is connected through the entire range, allowing them to negotiate the “bridges” of the voice into the upper registers easily and without muscular tension.

You will learn to sing without tension in the same easily produced & effortless way that they speak (assuming the speaking voice is healthy). Singers can cause damage to the vocal cords by how they are singing and even from how they speak, simply because of bad habits or lack of knowledge about what they are doing. The outer muscles surrounding the larynx can become overly involved in the singing process, causing tension in the vocal cords. By stabilizing the larynx, allowing for healthy vocal cord closure, and learning how to negotiate through your bridges, you’ll have control of your voice—no cracking, strain, or hoarseness.

This method will free up the voice, keep it healthy, increase range and stamina, and can be applied to any style. When you know how to use your voice correctly, you can have it working great forever!