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“I have been a professional actor and singer for over 25 years. Recently, I was asked to front a rock & roll band here in San Francisco.

It's been a year and a half of weekly lessons and I don't think I'm EVER going to stop studying with Kathy. She has completely changed my approach to singing. I have a stronger and more versatile voice now than I did in my 20s. I am able to do things that I never dreamed possible. And I'm using my voice the RIGHT way. Two weeks ago, our band did a gig at a local bar. After singing for four straight hours, (including some AC/DC covers,) I honestly felt like I could have done it all over again.

Kathy has an amazing ear and an uncanny ability to isolate and fix problem areas. She truly is one of the most gifted teachers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.” 

- Ken N.

“As a choir and vocal music teacher, I was struggling with overuse of my voice. At times during the past eight years, I've contemplated having to quit teaching singing. But then I met Kathy Kennedy and began to study with her on a weekly basis. What a change! I rarely strain my voice now, and even though I still work with very large groups of singers, I feel my voice is meeting the demands I place on it. I'm so grateful to Kathy for introducing me to the Seth Riggs system. I use it with my own choir students to help them learn to sing with greater ease and a larger range. It's not an exaggeration to say my lessons with Kathy saved my voice and my job!”


“..All is spectacular with the voice! Never been better. I've been practicing to our CD almost every day and my voice has gotten so much stronger and's truly changing my whole performance experience, less anxiety driven and more what a breakthrough. “

- Anna

“Kathy saved my singing voice. When I first went to her, I sang with fear and uncontrollable strain. I was struggling with high notes and thought I had lost my voice. With the healthy singing habit Kathy has assisted me to build, I not only sound better but also sing with comfort. Kathy is an awesome voice trainer. She knows what your problems are and helps you correct them in an encouraging and effective way. If you want to sing with ease and greatness, Kathy can definitely help you out!!!”

- Maurice Tien-Min Li, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I played for my 1976/77 dorm reunion in an outdoor venue down in San Luis Obispo.. It went over great. Just me, a guitar and an amp. I knew I was connecting with everyone when everyone (about 25 people) stopped talking and just stared at me, almost memorized, a little unsettling for me though. Afterwards, a fellow came up to me, a stranger, and said to me: "You almost made me cry with that last song of yours". I don't think I could have had a nicer compliment ever paid to me for my musical skills.

How about that! A guy, over 40, comes in for a few singing lessons, whose never sung before and gets that kind of reaction. Shows what you can do with a motivated student. Thanks for all your hard work with me.”

- Rob

I didn't expect it, but my singing life since our lesson has changed completely. It is now so easy to go into the note range that I used to think was too high, uncomfortable and scary. (I can now even touch high C which was totally impossible before.) Now it's effortless. I feel I have so much space around high notes -- the space in which I feel safe to experiment with variations in sound and emotions. I've started singing many old Beatles songs that I stopped years ago. I'm also finding myself eager to pick up new songs. What a joy!

- Nobie

Kathy, I really turned a major corner at this gig. I sang my ass off for two or three hours and I feel like I could do it for ANOTHER three hours. Didn’t push. Just relaxed. Used the mic. Kept the chest voice soft and easy. Put a little extra oomph in the mix and damn if it didn’t work. I was hitting the notes that used to really take it out of me, and it felt effortless.

I’m enjoying singing more now than I EVER have. I had people coming up to me saying the most amazing things. 

Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you ... I’m really excited to see where this is going to go.

- Ken

Yet another amazing lesson. It is incredible how much progress i have made on this song in such a short time. It is all making so much sense, my vocalizing is getting to be so smooth and strong. I feel like i have grown so much as an artist the last couple of weeks.

So much gratitude,

- Ellen

“I've been really blessed to have worked with Kathy Kennedy. Kathy really understands the mechanics of vocal technique.

Before meeting Kathy, I had difficulty with producing proper vowels and maintaining control in my upper ranges. She recorded our first lesson on CD, which I replayed in my car every day of week after our first meeting. Within that brief span of time, I noticed a marked difference in my singing: my upper range was more open, flexible, and lighter, even after the first week! I had more control and was able to sing higher with more confidence and without strain. I've also found that the tone quality in my upper range has improved, which is definitely good news!

She’s helped me to move to another level in my development as a vocalist. Her instruction has given me more freedom to express myself through song with greater creativity and technical precision.”

- Charlene Ro

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I now know where I want to go with my voice. I see what I have to do to get there. thrilling.

It gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction to be able to have the feeling of expressing myself with music ...I am feeling very good about my progress and you are a wonderful mentor. Thank you.

- P-